3D Scanning aims to bidge the gap between the material and the digital world. Objects that would be difficult or time-consuming to measure or design from scratch can reliably be scanned, processed and even printed on a 3D printer.

The capture, measurement and inspection of physical object in 3D digital form are one of the most sought-after tools in the production process and are indispensable in repairs, manufacturing, shipping and architecture, the automotive industry and the arts.

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With our 3D Scanners we can achieve even the most challenging assignments. Our equipment allows us to scan objects of every size, material and shape with an accurasy of up tp 40μm. We can guarantee speedy and reliable 3D Scans. providing useful data for their design needs.

Whether you want us to scan small parts, large objects, vehicles, entire machines or only parts of an object, even the human body, we have the right scanner and the know-how to offer great results.

Some examples of industries that benefit from 3D Scaning include:

•    Shipping and marine repairs
•    Manufacturing
•    Medicine
•    Architecture
•    Graphic arts - Visual effects
•    Advertising (Marketing)
•    Model making

Another very important application of 3D Scanning is the creation of a digital library. Keeping records of your objects in digital form makes it easy to produce copies using 3D Printing or more traditional machining methods.

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