Our Team

Alexandros Antoniou

Technical Manager

Irini Kouli

Communications Department



Hercules Mechanical Engineering Technologies was founded in 1978 by Hercules Antoniou. The company was named Hercules Propeller and specialised in the repair of ship propellers of all sizes, with the ability to dispatch a crew in Greece and all over the world.

For the next 39 years, based in Perama, the company carried out quality repairs, certified by one of the leading global certification societies, DNV-GL, both in Greece and abroad, and collaborated with the largest companies of the shipping sector.

In 2008 we established an internal quality assurance department offering Quality Control Services on all our repairs. Over the next few years, we started offering standalone quality services and gradually added 3D scanning, 3DCAD and 3D Printing services.

In 2014 the company was renamed to Hercules Mechanical Engineering Technologies to indicate our increasing dedication to our new services and also to highlight that these were independent to propeller repairs. We slowly created our Machine Monitoring department which records machine condition using Vibration Analysis, Thermography and Alignment.

In 2017 Hercules Mechanical Engineering Technologies was moved to Moschato, ending its successful run as a propeller repair company to focus exclusively on design, quality control and monitoring services.

Our immediate response to the needs of our customers and the implementation of a competitive service model based on trust, reliability, quality, speed and technology lie in the core of our value system.

The combination of our experience and our knowledge of the market earned through our successful course along with the use of technological advances, our modern equipment, and our specialised staff, supports us in setting ambitious goals for the future.

We aim to carry over everything we have successfully implemented in the shipping business to other sectors. Hercules can now collaborate with companies in other industries, such as construction, manufacturing, automotive, health and any area where our services can offer solutions and high quality results.