Our company made its debut in 1978 as Hercules Propeller, the second part of the name stating its specialization in creating, evolving, producing and repairing propellers for all motors.

From the start, the company invested both in research and in extensive training of our staff. Today, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors, having obtained quality certifications from international organizations, which reflect our high skill level as well as our up-to-date technical and mechanical equipment. 

Our experienced technicians have the expertise to repair propellers up to 7m in diameter and weighing up to 20tons in our workshop, as well variable pitch propeller blades. 

Using our milling machines and precision electronic balancing equipment, our balancing department guarantees correct balancing of all types of propellers.

Hercules also undertakes projects abroad, having already accomplished a series of successful repairs at the largest ports in Europe.


Every propeller we have repaired in the last 35 years, has given us the experience and expertise to fully understand the various problems our customers are facing and provide quick and efficient solutions.