Dye Penetrant Testing is a traditional method of inspection which is used on the surface of non-porous materials to detect defects, such as cracks or porosity. It can be applied to ferrous or non ferrous materials.

The process includes pre-cleaning the surface, applying the penetrating liquid and removing the excess penetrant.

Next, a white powder developer is applied to draw the penetrant out, indicating the imperfections, which are examined and recorded. After the inspection, the surface is cleaned.

Penetrant Testing is a simple technique which does not require the use of complicated or costy equipment. Electrical power is not needed if visible dye is used and there is sufficient natural lighting. 

This method indicates only surface defects. Following the procedure with precision is essential to achieving high sensitivity.

At Hercules we use the excellent MR Chemie GmbH range of PT consumables. We apply this method successfully, quickly and economically, to inspect welds on plates   and tubes, cast metals and miscellaneous metal parts and objects.