Our designers, certified in 3-Dimensional parametric design, offer integrated solutions even for the most demanding, complex or particular needs of our customers.

Using precise, revolving 3-dimensional images of parts and models, as well as a large selection of CAD models available, our company will help you find the right product for your design.

Our 3D design package includes:

  • Part and assembly design
  • Model design, Solid, Sheet metal and Mold design.
  • Mechanical drawings.
  • Modeling and testing of assemblies 
  • Simulation and finite element stress analysis.


Complex surfaces, moulds and matrices for plastics, and metal, welded or not, structures, are only a few of the solutions we can offer you.

In addition, our simulation capabilities allow our specialized staff to test how designs function in real movement and fatigue conditions. Tolerance testing ensures quality in production and helps solve complex manufacturing problems very early in the design and development process.

Our expertise in parametric design software (Solidworks) and the integrated and effective high-end 3D design, allow our customers to easily and quickly turn their ideas into products, offering a competitive advantage in a changing marketplace.