At Hercules, we have decided to take the next step and apply our more than 35-year experience in propeller repairs to other areas such as manufacturing, medicine, automotive, modeling, and anywhere we can offer effective solutions and high quality services.

The foundation was set in 1978 by Hercules Antoniou, who put his knowledge and creativity into the company, starting his long and successful career in greek ship repairs.

Today, we are constantly evolving to meet the complex needs of our customers, introducing new 3D services: 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and 3D Parametric Design (3dCAD).

The combination of experience and expertise with technologiacally advanced equipment and highly skilled staff allows us to set lofty goals for the future.

Striving to meet the demands of our customers quickly and efficiently and using a services model based on trust, reliability and expert knowledge are at the center of our efforts.

Our vision is to offer our customers quality solutions that are efficient and time and cost-effective. Our long-term goals reflect our ambitions for the 21st century.





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  • 04 03 2016

    Ανανεώσαμε το συμβόλαιο τεχνικής κάλυψης και υποστήριξης του Solidworks για το 2015