Hercules successfully provides independent Non-Destructive Testing services. NDT is widely implemented in shipping, manufacturing, the automotive industry, aviation, construction and other industries. 

Materials are inspected using up-to-date methodology and specialized equipment, whether they have been cast or welded, without damaging or destroying the object. Being Level 2 certified, we can test and record findings, as well as evaluate results. 

We are certified in the following methods:



Ultrasonic Testing can be performed on a variety of metals and situations and can detect imperfections near the surface, or deeply in the material using vertical or angle beam probes. High frequency (usually 1MHz up to 6MHz) sound waves are transmitted into the material; imperfections and flaws reflect the ultrasound. more






Dye Penetrant Testing is a traditional method of inspection which is used on the surface of non-porous materials to detect defects, such as cracks or porosity. It can be applied to ferrous or non ferrous materials.

The process includes pre-cleaning the surface, applying the penetrating liquid and removing the excess penetrant. more





MPI is a widely used Non-Destructive Testing method which can locate surface or subsurface (up to 2-3 cm below surface) defects in ferromagnetic materials.

A magnetic field is applied to the material. The surface is then coloured in white contrast paint and a black ink wet suspension of ferrous iron particles is applied.  more