Our company has been providing Non-Destructive Testing Services since 2009, mainly in the demanding shipping sector. In addition, for 40 years we also performed propeller repairs, gaining enough experience to understand the needs and demands of every individual case.magnetandpenetrants

NDT main applications include:

  • Metal plaque thickness measurement
  • Quality control in casting and forging metals (fault detection)
  • Weldments testing
  • Parts which are stressed during operation.
  • Locating faults in compound materials and alloys.

Our Level 2 certifications (ISO 9712) cover most NDT industrial and shipping applications.

We are certified in the following methods:

  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Penetrant Fluid Testing
  • Magnetic Testing

Each method has its own advantages; we can also utilize a combination of different methods for best results, wherever needed.