3D Scanning aims to cover the distance between the material and the digital world. Objects that would be difficult or time-consuming to measure or design from scratch can reliably be scanned, processed and even print on a 3D printer.

Measuring, inspecting and capturing objects in 3D is the most important new tool in the production process. 

Our 3D Scanners can meet any customer demand. Our equipment can scan with a 40μm accuracy and we have the right scanner for any application, size and material. Whether you want to capture small machine parts or entire machines, large vehicles or even parts of the body, we have the right scanner and the expertise for guaranteed results.

Some of the main areas where 3D Scanning is indispensable include:

  • Shipping and ship repair
  • Industrial manufacture
  • Medicine
  • Architecture
  • Graphic arts - visual effects
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Arts and modelling

One of the most important applications of 3D Scanning is the creation of a digital library. Having your objects captured in digital form allows the very easy creation of copies, either by 3D printing or by the traditional manufacturing methods.