3D Scanning a bicycle helmet with the purpose of capturing its geometry is a good example of the process of 3D Scanning an d producing a Mesh file in .stl format.

The geometry of a helmet is difficult to measure and inspect or when we want to make improvements and don't have the original designs. 3D Scanning is a very reliable and effective method of capturing any object with great accuracy.

At our new YouTube channel we've recently uploaded our new video of the process of 3D Scanning eight propeller blades in order to study their deformation. To scan the blades, we used our white light 3D scanner, Scan-in-a-box, using reflective targets for better results during registration.

This year we are excited to take part in Digital Constructions. The trade show will take place for the first time in May, as part of the established INDELEX - SMART HOME EXPO. We will be expecting you at booth DC6 with work samples, information on our services and the desire to communicate and create new contacts!

In January 2019 we 3D Scanned four machines in the first Greek lignite electricity production factory, in Ptolemaida. The factory's first operation was in 1959 and it is considered a monument of modern Greek industrial history.

From November 9 to 11 2018, our company participated in Metal Machinery 2018, an industrial equipment trade show.